Seasons Catwalk13-10-2017 | 15:55:33 | No Comments

We have had lots of fun this week in year 1 learning all about different types of weather and the different seasons. We looked at what clothes we would wear in different types of weather and which season we would expect to see the different types of weather. We worked in groups and identified and discussed what items of clothes we would need for the different seasons. We then selected clothes which we thought would we most suitable for each season and showed off the the clothes at our very own Werrington Catwalk.

Writers of the week27-09-2017 | 15:49:21 | No Comments

Well done to the writers of the week in Year 1.

1RD-Sophie and Will


Great work, keep it up!

Surprise letters!27-09-2017 | 15:44:13 | No Comments

This week we have received 2 surprise letters. One came from Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma, and the other came from The Woodcutter. We decided to write our own letters to the Big Bad Wolf, pretending to be characters from the story as we wanted him to know how upset he made us!

We have all written some super letters! I hope the Big Bad Wolf is going to say sorry soon!


What is natural walk18-09-2017 | 12:07:12 | No Comments

Last week Year 1 really enjoyed their walk around the school grounds to look for natural objects.  We found leaves, trees, feathers, berries and lots of other exciting things. We had lots of fun!

Welcome back!09-09-2017 | 12:17:12 | No Comments

Welcome to year 1.

The children all looked so grown up in their new class and have settled in very well. We have had a very busy week getting back into our school routine and it has been wonderful getting to know all of the children, talking about all of the fabulous experiences you have all had in the summer holidays. The children have worked very hard and are eager to learn. Well done to you all, what a great start to year 1.

Miss Millward and Miss Dimmock

Sports Week10-07-2017 | 13:25:40 | No Comments

During Sports Week Year 1 enjoyed taking part in lots of sporting activities, including:

  • Yoga

  • Mega Mile with Lucy Holt

  • Dance with LMA and Katie from SCDC

  • Bee active PE session


Times Tables Challenge Champions!04-07-2017 | 16:19:02 | No Comments

A huge well done to Annabel, Ava and Jess who won the gold, silver, and bronze awards in the SMSLC Times Tables challenge in Year 1.

Fantastic work!

Writers of the week wb 15.05.1718-05-2017 | 15:12:18 | No Comments

Well done to Holly, Ava-Mae and Brogan who are the writers of the week.

Holly has written a fantastic prediction to the end of the story ‘Dolphin Boy’.

Ava-Mae and Brogan have written great sentences retelling the story, using pictures as a prompt.

Well done to all of our wonderful writers!

Writers of the week wb 08.05.1718-05-2017 | 15:09:16 | No Comments

Well done to Ava and Faith for creating super non-chronological reports about Charles Darwin.


Also well done to Jess who wrote lots of interesting facts about Spotted Eagle Rays.  She made notes whilst watching a video about them, and then used these notes to create super sentences.

Our 5 senses09-05-2017 | 16:15:32 | No Comments

This afternoon we have been learning about our 5 senses.  We went on a senses walk around school, and discussed how our lives would be different if we did not have all of our senses.

Can you name all 5 of our senses?


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