Where does our food come from?25-11-2021 | 16:22:44 | No Comments

For our Design and Technology lessons this week, we have been learning about where our food comes from. We have discussed which food grows on trees or plants, food that grows underground, and food that comes from animals or fish. We have talked about having a healthy, balanced diet and we have made an “Eatwell plate”.

Anti-Bullying Week19-11-2021 | 12:11:53 | No Comments

As part of Anti-bullying week, Year 1 have been thinking about how we can be kind to others and to ourselves. We have thought about “One kind word” and how we can be kind all of the time. We wore and created odd socks to show that different things are special, we designed anti-bullying kindness t-shirts and badges.

Seasons Clock Rescue!12-11-2021 | 12:07:21 | No Comments

In our Science lessons, Year 1 have been learning about the seasons and how the hours of daylight vary with each season. We listened to Now Press Play where we pretended to water the flowers in the summer when it was very hot. Then we moved the hands on the “Season Clock” and all of a sudden it was winter! Jack Frost stole the clock so we all tried really hard to rescue the clock back from Jack Frost. Lots of woodland animals helped us and we were finally able to turn the “Season Clock” back to summer again!!!

Maths Detectives!12-11-2021 | 12:02:03 | No Comments

This week Year 1 have become Maths Detectives! We have been exploring part whole models. We have learned how a whole number can be made by combining two numbers, the parts. Through our problem solving, we worked hard to see how many different ways the parts can be combined to make the whole.

Remember, remember the fifth of November!05-11-2021 | 16:16:32 | No Comments

This week, in History, Year 1 have been learning about the tradition of Bonfire Night, and why we enjoy fireworks and bonfires on November 5th. We have learned about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. In P.E., we created dances to the sounds of fireworks such as rockets and Catherine wheels. We all enjoyed an afternoon outside, creating large-scale firework drawings and firework dances. We really enjoyed the amazing sparklers and a brilliant bonfire!

Friendship26-10-2021 | 16:24:56 | No Comments

In Year 1 we have been discussing friendship. We talked about “What is a friend?” and “Who can be your friend?” We had some great discussions about what makes a good friendship, thinking about the similarities and differences between us. We talked about the importance of what makes us unique, thinking about diversity for #BlackHistoryMonth. We decided that it does not matter if people are similar or different to us, we can be friends with everybody!

Lovely Leaves15-10-2021 | 15:08:37 | No Comments

This week, Year 1 have continued learning about all things found in nature. This week the focus has been on leaves. As well as learning how to identify a tree by its leaves we have used leaves in our art too. The children thought carefully about the autumn colours when creating leaf prints and then they used their imaginations to create leaf people.

Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Art01-10-2021 | 15:08:12 | No Comments

Today Year 1 were inspired by the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. We looked at his artwork, which uses natural items to create patterns and shapes. Then the children used natural materials to create their own artwork.

Pig Tails in our Pig Tales!01-10-2021 | 11:10:52 | No Comments

This week our learning has been based around the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs. In English we retold the story and described what the characters might say. We tried hard to remember our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In Maths we counted forwards up to 20 and then backwards from 20. This has helped us to find missing numbers on our pig number line. We have also created pig paintings and collages.

What is natural?24-09-2021 | 15:18:11 | No Comments

This week Year 1 have been discussing “What is natural?” We talked about things that occur naturally and others that are man made. We have had some great discussions about where items such as wood, paper, paint and glass come from. The children worked together to sort a list of items into which were man made and which were natural.

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