The Potters Tea Party28-03-2018 | 15:32:28 | No Comments

Yesterday Year 1 enjoyed their end of term celebration for their topic ‘The Potters Tea Party’. It was super fun!

Y1 trip to World of Wedgwood21-03-2018 | 17:09:32 | No Comments

Year 1 really enjoyed their trip to World of Wedgwood today. They enjoyed a tour around the factory, exploring in the museum, and designing their own plates.

All of the children were exceptionally well behaved and made their teachers proud.

Well done everyone. We all had a super day!



The aliens are coming!16-03-2018 | 17:26:10 | No Comments

This week year 1 had a visit from the aliens. The children all made their own aliens and are writing a story about their alien.

Walk around Werrington06-03-2018 | 16:43:38 | No Comments

Year 1 enjoyed their walk around Werrington this afternoon looking at their local environment. They were all well behaved so enjoyed a treat at the park.

World Book Day02-03-2018 | 16:49:48 | No Comments

Well done to everyone for dressing up as a character from a story for World Book Day, you all looked great.

World Book Day01-03-2018 | 12:40:55 | No Comments

Well done to all of the children who dressed up today for World Book Day. They all looked fantastic!

Pancake day16-02-2018 | 16:31:16 | No Comments

This week Year 1 celebrated pancake day. We each had our own pancake and then chose the topping we wanted on it.  They were really yummy!

Safer Internet Day09-02-2018 | 16:36:11 | No Comments

On Tuesday Year 1 learned about how to stay safe online.  We discussed that it is important to keep our personal information private and not share it with others. We also used the search engine Swiggle to search for facts about animals, as it is a safe search engine for children to use.

1RD number day02-02-2018 | 16:26:41 | No Comments

Year 1 and 2 multi-sports competition02-02-2018 | 16:22:29 | No Comments

Well done to all of the children from Year 1 and 2 who represented Werrington at the Bee Active multi- sports competition today at Northwood Stadium. The children really tried hard and were very well behaved.

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