PIZZA! 1BD28-01-2016 | 16:09:45 | 2 Comments

1BD enjoying the pizza celebration for having the most attendance trophies last term.

PTDC0541 PTDC0542 PTDC0543 PTDC0544 PTDC0545 PTDC0546 PTDC0547 PTDC0548 PTDC0549  PTDC0551

Helping the Three Little Pigs to halve18-01-2016 | 16:50:43 | No Comments

In Maths we have been learning to halve numbers. We used our answers to help the Three Little Pigs halve real life items from their Mum’s house. We had lots of fun!


PTDC0407 PTDC0410 Zoe PTDC0108

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