Mad Hatter’s Tea party24-03-2016 | 16:41:19 | 8 Comments

Well what an amazing end to our topic… we have all loved our party today. Take a look at the bunting, hats, table cloths, gift tags, presents and yummy tiffin we have been busy making all week. A special ‘THANK YOU’ to Poppy’s mum for the delicious ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed cakes.

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Super Spellers!18-03-2016 | 17:55:55 | No Comments

Well done to all of these children in 1HS who scored 5 out of 5 in their spelling test.




Writer of the Week18-03-2016 | 17:53:44 | 1 Comment

Congratulations to Danielle and Daniella for their amazing descriptive writing about the missing aliens.


PTDC0536 PTDC0537

1HS at Werrington Library11-03-2016 | 10:52:46 | No Comments

1HS enjoyed visiting Werrington library and choosing their own books.

PTDC0436 PTDC0437 PTDC0438

1HS Writer of the Week11-03-2016 | 10:48:20 | 1 Comment

Well done to Logan for his super writing about why he likes Werrington!



Writer of the week 1BD10-03-2016 | 17:34:29 | 1 Comment

Congratulations to Isabelle for her creative writing about the alien she designed after reading ‘Here come the Aliens’!


Bug Club E-Books04-03-2016 | 16:27:47 | No Comments

Today your child has been given their own Bug Club username, password and school code.

This will allow them to access e-books at home.

Please log in at






Writer of the week04-03-2016 | 12:42:20 | 2 Comments

Congratulations to Saphron (1BD) and Ollie (1HS) for their amazing descriptive writing about their own shoe design!

PTDC0735 PTDC0736

‘Wonderful Werrington’02-03-2016 | 17:37:10 | 5 Comments

On Monday afternoon as a part of our Geography lesson we looked at our local area. We enjoyed walking around Werrington and playing on the park. It was lots of fun!

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