Writers of the week!20-02-2017 | 12:02:15 | No Comments

This week we have been really impressed with the writing in Year 1.

The children have been creating their own non-fiction books.

Well done to Sophia and Brogan in 1HS and Oliver M and Kayne in 1RD. The children worked really hard.

IMG_0504[1] IMG_0505[1]

IMG_0506[1] IMG_0507[1]

Fantastic Footprints20-02-2017 | 11:57:56 | No Comments

IMG_0499[1] IMG_0498[1] IMG_0496[1] IMG_0485[1] IMG_0487[1] IMG_0484[1] IMG_0492[1]

Year 1 have had some strange footprints appear in their classrooms again.

This time there were lots of different animals.

We don’t know how they managed to sneak in but we decided to measure the footprints as part of our maths lessons.

The children worked really well in small groups.

Safer Internet Day20-02-2017 | 11:37:51 | No Comments


On Safer Internet Day Year 1 watched a video clip about how to stay safe online.

We discussed that certain information should not be shared online.

The children role played these ideas and questioned each other ensuring no private information was given out.

We were really impressed with how sensible Year 1 were when discussing this topic.

Writer of the week.13-02-2017 | 17:15:39 | No Comments


Well done to Jaimee in 1HS for super writing and understanding during our History lesson about Bottle Kilns. 

Year 1’s tree planting.13-02-2017 | 17:02:56 | 1 Comment

Last week we planted some new trees on our school field.  We can’t wait to watch them grow during our time at Werrington.  We had lots of fun as we were very muddy.



Year 1’s visit to the library13-02-2017 | 16:51:22 | 1 Comment

On Friday, we went to the library to look for fiction and non-fiction books.

We really enjoyed ourselves.


Who has sneaked into our classroom?03-02-2017 | 17:43:41 | 1 Comment

Year One were very shocked to find a pair of footprints in their classrooms this week.

We have been discussing who they might belong to.  The children have come up with some great ideas.

I wonder what will happen next week?

Who do you think the footprints belong to?


Writers of the week03-02-2017 | 17:39:09 | 1 Comment

Well done to our writers of the week in Year 1.


Great work Max!



Great work Noah!


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