Kite Designs19-10-2017 | 17:20:26 | No Comments

Year 1 have had a very busy couple of weeks designing our kites and then transferring our designs onto our carrier bags. We have been very creative and used various materials to add detail. Keep an eye out for pictures of us flying our kites when the wind returns. 

Online Safety Week19-10-2017 | 17:15:20 | No Comments

In year 1 we have learned all about Digiduck and how he learned to stay safe online. He helped us to think of the different ways we can stay safe when working online, such as keeping our personal information to ourselves and asking an adult if something pops up and we are unsure what it is.

Year 1 have worked collaboratively in small groups to discuss how to stay safe online and in other places such as Hanley City Centre and in school. We made staying safe posters !

Seasons Catwalk13-10-2017 | 15:55:33 | No Comments

We have had lots of fun this week in year 1 learning all about different types of weather and the different seasons. We looked at what clothes we would wear in different types of weather and which season we would expect to see the different types of weather. We worked in groups and identified and discussed what items of clothes we would need for the different seasons. We then selected clothes which we thought would we most suitable for each season and showed off the the clothes at our very own Werrington Catwalk.

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