Star writers of the week26-01-2018 | 16:55:05 | No Comments

Year 1 have been working hard with writing this week.

Dylan has been using adjectives to describe a hat he designed and has presented his work beautifully using cursive writing.

Alice has been using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in her sentence and written what she has got on her hat.

Well done and keep up the fantastic work.

What makes a good material?19-01-2018 | 17:44:45 | No Comments

Year 1 have had a fabulous week learning about The Three Little Pigs. We looked at what materials they used to build their houses and whether they made good materials or not and why. The children had some wonderful ideas about what materials they would use and how they could make their house stronger. They really didn’t want the big bad wolf to blow their houses in.

Mad about pottery12-01-2018 | 16:44:50 | No Comments

Year 1 have got off to a wonderful start with topic work this term. We have explored different types of pottery and discussed what was similar and what was different.

We have been looking at the work of Emma Bridgewater and Josiah Wedgwood. We identified our favourite pattern and design then created our own paper plate.

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