Superstars of the week28-09-2018 | 14:40:51 | No Comments

Well done to Eva and Darcy who are this weeks superstars.Keep up the amazing work!

Engaging stories-1RD27-09-2018 | 17:21:41 | No Comments

This morning we enjoyed using our new ‘now press play’ headphones.  We listened to a story about Little Red Riding Hood and enjoyed making some of the actions; including baking a cake and walking through the forest.

Now Press Play 1SM27-09-2018 | 15:27:02 | No Comments

Today, we have acted out the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We moved about the classroom as we listened to the story and acted out parts of the story such as mixing ingredients for baking, putting the cakes into the oven to bake, sneaking into Granny’s house so the wolf doesn’t hear us and pointing at the wolf dressed as Granny.


In year 1 we enjoy…27-09-2018 | 15:16:03 | No Comments

Last week in year 1 we looked at the Werrington principle ‘Together We Succeed’ and we discussed the things we enjoy doing at school. We enjoy, playing with our friends, learning new things, writing and more. Take a look at some of the activities we enjoy.


Superstars of the week-1RD21-09-2018 | 16:06:44 | No Comments

Well done to Molly and Fran who have worked hard and behaved extremely well this week.  Their names were drawn out of the jar to be our superstars of the week.

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art11-09-2018 | 15:11:15 | No Comments

This afternoon we created art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials to create amazing sculptures. 

Nature walk-1RD06-09-2018 | 15:54:04 | No Comments

This afternoon Year 1 braved the rain and went to explore the great outdoors. We found lots of natural objects and enjoyed investigating our lovely school grounds. We even went to look at our new pond. We discovered lots of different leaves and trees and set the children a task which was to find out ‘what the lines on a leaf are called?’ Please talk to your child about this. Every one who finds out the answer will be given a dojo tomorrow.

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