Mystery reader 1SM12-10-2018 | 16:31:14 | No Comments

Today in 1SM, we have had a mystery guest. The children enjoyed listening to a story about a crocodile.

Let’s Go Fly Our Kites12-10-2018 | 16:21:03 | No Comments

This week in year 1, we have made our own kites. We had the perfect weather to go outside and test our kites in the wind. We had lots of fun.


Seasons catwalk12-10-2018 | 14:47:19 | No Comments

This week we learned about how the weather changes through the seasons. We really enjoyed the catwalk where we dressed each other in appropriate clothes for each season.

Superstars of the week 1RD12-10-2018 | 14:36:27 | No Comments

Well done to Reuben and Daisy who are this weeks superstars. They have impressed with super behaviour and hard work!

Mystery reader in 1SM05-10-2018 | 16:08:52 | No Comments

Today in 1SM we have enjoyed a story from our surprise Mystery reader. The children chose two of their favourite stories written by Julia Donaldson.

Writers of the week-1RD05-10-2018 | 16:01:57 | No Comments

This week we have produced some fantastic writing; creating wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf.  It has been great to see such wonderful work.  Keep it up!

Sharing stories with 3JL05-10-2018 | 15:52:46 | No Comments

This afternoon we had a special visit from Mr Lindblad and his class. They came to read some fantastic stories which they have written this week about the Stone Age.  We loved listening to them and sharing our ideas.

Thank you Year 3!

Superstars of the week-1RD05-10-2018 | 15:47:49 | No Comments

Well done to Olivia and April who are this weeks superstars. Keep up your fantastic attitude to learning. 

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